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Phones for Food

Story and photo by Shannelle Parchment

Old Phone? Recycle with Feed the Need in Durham

Have an old phone and don’t know what to do with it? Phones for Food, put on by Feed the Need in Durham and Food Banks Canada will continue collecting used cell phones until the end of the month. The event put on by Food Banks Canada began in December and this is Durham’s first time participating in the annual event.

Executive Director Julien LeBourdais of the organization has received everything from old school car cell phones to the classic Zach Morris cell phones, from Saved by the Bell, and the shoulder bag battery phone.

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Patty Shack helped feed the needy

Last Saturday, the Patty Shack served up more than just great burgers – they rang up a list of buskers to help raise funds for Feed the Need Durham.

As part of the Fantastic Street Fair and Sidewalk Sale, the Patty Shack staff stepped up to create an event to provide help to fellow citizens, especially in the wake of the IQT employees in Oshawa being suddenly let go.

Rob and Al of Two For The Show jamming with Dale Russell of The Guess Who and Alfie Latanski of Soulheart.

“All the energy that was going into making the sidewalk sale more exciting this year was so great and since we love music, and know lots of musicians, this was a natural and fun fit for us,” said John Berger, in charge of marketing for the popular downtown eatery.

“We’re in the food business so helping to feed hungry people is a pretty logical extension of what we’re already doing,” he said. “But when all this stuff with IQT went down and Feed The Need was being put under duress to help these people, that just made the whole thing make even more sense.”

From noon until 4 p.m., buskers performed on an open stage out front of the Patty Shack on King Street East and the money raised went to Feed the Need Durham. Special guests included HeSaidSheSaid, Alfie Latanski from Soulheart, Dale Russell from The Guess Who and Rob Tyler from Two For The Show.

“The turnout was decent,” said Berger. “I don’t really think that Saturdays are ever super busy for foot traffic in downtown Oshawa so that’s what made this even cooler; just seeing that much more going on in our beloved ‘shwa. The feedback was all positive. People were startled by the quality of players we had busking which was also cool for us.”

You can find out more information on Feed the Need Durham on their website.

And if you missed out on your chance to see this crew of unexpected buskers and make your donation, don’t worry says Berger. “We’ll do it again next year for sure!”

Story by Amanda Allison. Photo by Dave Hannah